A lot of shaking going on

We’re at it again. Reporting extreme weather and linking it to human induced climate change. But more than that:  we’re quoting eminent geologist and volcanologist who says that we humans could have quite a lot to do with earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions. Scare tactics maybe, but our job is to tell it like it is.  Including the obvious sometimes – that coal is the worst of all fossil fuel evils. Burn all the coal in the earth and we heat it up by 15 degrees. Not all gloom and doom, but as usual some positive stories on energy efficiency, sustainability and innovations from near and far. Asia’s first and only sustainable light art festival in Singapore and Earth Hour, which continues on its global outreach. Inventions of the solar kind, improvements in electric vehicles and some hope for the Oceans now that the World Bank, Google and the Global Change Institute are on board. Even some wise words on the significance of stories we read as children – or still read – for good or evil. No fairy stories here. – Ken Hickson

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