A turning point in time

Time will tell, but we are quite convinced that the very public intervention by BHP’s Marius Kloppers will turn out to be a crucial turning point for Australia and its climate change response. Timed to coincide with a new Government finding its feet – emboldened by a stronger Green component – and with a Mining Tax geared to suit the big miners, the commitment from the big resources end of town makes it look quite certain that a price on carbon will be in place before long. There’s plenty to talk about this week, with a focus on business and building. It is World Green Building Week, so fresh from the global congress in Singapore, reports of so much that is happening on the construction site. Clean tech gets more deserved space, with a major Singapore commitment to R&D and innovation, along with an assessment of Australian sector investment, as well as what’s happening in China. Sustainability Indexes get a look in, along with global aviation moves to cut emissions. Melbourne is streets ahead with a green zone drive and the greenest Pixel building ever seen.  A new acronym – PES – crops up and Paddy Manning has his say on long awaited climate action. We have lift-off! – Ken Hickson

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