Beyond Policy to Case Studies & Tool for Practical Action

Beyond Policy to Case Studies & Tool for Practical Action

The 2010 Carbon Reduction Conference taking place at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre from 20 – 22 April, is aiming not be another talkfest full of policy statements, but providing a wealth of information on how to manage and grow a business in a future carbon constraint economy, with practical case studies and tools for immediate action.

The 2010 Carbon Reduction Conference will take place at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre from 20 – 22 April.

The conference program has been developed, not be another talkfest full of policy statements, but rather to provide a wealth of information on how to manage and grow a business in a future carbon constraint economy.

Gain tangible, accessible solutions and hear practical case studies with tools for immediate action.

The first day, 20 April is a free workshop day in partnership with EPA Victoria’s Carbon Innovators Network, Sustainability Victoria and Melbourne’s CitySwitch.

CitySwitch is a national energy efficiency initiative that works with office tenants to assist them to improve their environmental performance and reduce operating costs.

Join Sustainability Victoria and Melbourne and Port Phillip City Councils to gain practical ideas on improving office energy performance and find out how you can benefit from CitySwitch. In Victoria, the CitySwitch program is open to office tenants based in the municipalities of Melbourne and Port Phillip.

Workshop: Let EPA Victoria’s Carbon Innovators Network help you

address your organisation’s carbon emissions, and in doing so, transform climate change from a business cost to a business opportunity.

Sustainability Victoria Workshop: Gain information on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, water conservation and waste management to help you implement sustainable practices in your business.

This workshop day is followed by a two conference days with 18 exciting topics, ranging from the latest information out of Canberra to how to apply ‘Green Marketing’ in your business.

There will be an Update on the Proposed Carbon Reduction Scheme from Anthea Harris, Assistant Secretary, Carbon Market Linkages Branch, Emissions Trading Division, Department of Climate Change

The proposed Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme will be the primary mechanism to reduce Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions. Gain an understanding of the scheme and what it means for your business.

Australian Carbon Trust, Department of Climate Change

Gain insight into the Australian Carbon Trust which has been established to empower individuals and business to make a positive contribution to Australia’s climate change response.

Business will benefit from the provision of finance to help invest in cost saving energy efficiency measures in their daily operations.

On day three there will be the following sessions and speakers:

Planning and Designing for Low Carbon Commercial and Residential Spaces, How the Victorian Government Envisages Cities of the Future Justin Madden MLC, Minister for Planning

The Victorian Government is committed to planning for sustainable cities of the future. Working in partnership with the Federal Government and local councils, industry and the community, the Victorian Government has developed a number of initiatives aimed at improving the energy efficiency of our existing commercial and residential spaces, as well as providing guidance for how our cities will embrace the new carbon economy.

Energy Efficient Buildings, Sustainability Victoria

Almost every organisation or business will have one or more buildings in its asset portfolio. Reducing the energy consumption of these buildings can be a very profitable way of reducing the carbon footprint. Gain insight into the options for improvement and consider some of the cost and carbon savings that can be achieved by switching to Energy Efficient Buildings.

Energy Efficient Workforce Matthew Tukaki, Director of Sans Gov, UNGC Taskforce Member

Getting staff involved in energy efficiency can have multiple benefits for your business. Learn why it is good for the bottom line, good for the environment and good for staff morale. Hear case studies that will help you make the right decisions.

Investing in Carbon Reducing Technologies; A Venture Capital Perspective Julian Turacek, Investment Manager, Cleantech Ventures Pty Ltd

Gain insight into the promising new technologies attracting the interest of venture capitalists, how they get funded and the challenges faced along the way. Understand the role the new CPRS policy will have on business planning.

Integrating Sustainability and Carbon Strategy: Jennifer Lauber Patterson, Director, Innovative Carbon

Consider key factors in the sustainability strategy and why performance in sustainability is still important for corporates. Learn about sustainability reporting and other key factors to be considered to achieving leadership and how the CPRS will fit into the sustainability strategy of an organisation.

A Company Culture Through the Upside of the Downside: Geoff Lawyer, Director, Complete Colour Printing

Learn how a strategic environmental business decision eight years ago, propelled Complete Colour Printing to a leadership position within their highly competitive industry. Gain insight into the range of strategies and tools used including the VECCI “Grow me the Money” and Greening Australia programs.

Green Marketing and the Trade Practices Act: Peter Eynaud, Victorian Outreach Manager, Small Business and Outreach, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

The ACCC is responsible for the enforcement of the Trade Practices Act 1974 (the TPA). The TPA prohibits businesses from making false or misleading claims about their products and services. Learn how to apply the TPA to green marketing claims, the type of claims that are more likely to raise concerns, and ways you can lessen your risk of breaching the TPA when promoting your business.

Are Consumers Getting “Bored” with Green Messages? Nicholas Harford, Managing Director, Principal Corporate & Social Responsibility, OMG! Creative and David Gaff, Director, Brand and Strategic Planning, OMG! Creative

How many times can we tell consumers to become energy and water efficient? Repeating the green message can lead to consumers switching off. Understand what today’s consumers think of ‘doing the right thing’ and how to prevent your message from becoming ‘yesterday’s news’.

Carbon and the New Urban Opportunity Lord Mayor of Melbourne Robert Doyle

Lord Mayor Robert Doyle will provide an insight into the City of Melbourne’s eco-city vision and share information about initiatives such as Zero Net Emissions and 1200 buildings, presented in Copenhagen in December. Melbourne is a key member of the C40 Cities, Climate Leadership

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