Can’t see the wood for the trees?

Wouldn’t that be nice. If Indonesia finally deals with the scourge of deforestation and seriously reduces its green house gas emissions in the process.  “The Burning Question” is posed by internet guru Mike Berners-Lee and Duncan Clark referring also to the wholesale fossil fuel obsession the world has. We see glimmers of hope when Google decides to invest in solar in South Africa and Samsung wins a Smart phone sustainability award. Small steps to a renewable future – like the Armstrong Clean Energy Fund for South East Asia – but it could start a rush. Just like the opportunity that comes with the Australian innovation of printing solar cells on plastic. Or NASA’s commitment to turn its headquarters into a space-age clean energy case study. Singapore decides to more effectively measure its emissions while Paul Polman takes Unilever down the Sustainable Living path. Believe it or not, airlines are ready to take-off to reduce emissions and there’s a new way proposed to deal with organic waste. Art and sustainability could be very compatible bedfellows and sustainable fishing has a QR code to match.  We wonder whether the UK has lost its leadership for a clean energy future or whether the media is telling it the way it should? – Ken Hickson

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