CSR Under the Microscope and a New Eco Print Dashboard

What at the heart of CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility  – and what are the “Trends, Threats and Opportunities”. All will be revealed at the 4th International Singapore Compact CSR Summit taking place on the 27 & 28 September 2012. And demonstrating that it is one of the leaders in Asia for sustainability, Fuji Xerox Singapore has launched the Eco-Print Dashboard,  a new tool for companies to measure their effective use of paper against the industry standard. Read more

Singapore Compact:

The 4th International Singapore Compact CSR Summit is back!  Taking place on the 27 and 28 September 2012 , the conference is themed around  CSR: Trends, Threats and Opportunities.

The event will highlight the value of CSR and look at aspects of sustainability, focusing on the social, environment and business impacts. The Summit will feature a distinguished panel of speakers who will share about the growing awareness of sustainability as the next business megatrend.

Guest-of-Honour for the event will be Minister of State for Manpower and National Development, Mr Tan Chuan-Jin.

Building upon previous CSR Summits, the 4th International Singapore Compact CSR Summit 2012 is expected to draw about 400 delegates, and will feature winners of the CDL-Singapore Compact Young CSR Leaders Competition 2012 and the Singapore Compact CSR Awards 2012.

Source: www.singaporecsrsummit.com


Fuji Xerox:

Demonstrating that it is one of the leaders in Asia for sustainability, Fuji Xerox Singapore, the leading document solutions company, has launched the Eco-Print Dashboard. This is a new tool for companies to measure their effective use of paper against the industry standard.

The Eco-Print Dashboard also compiles data on Electricity Consumption as well as Print Efficiency (single sided, two sided or multiple prints on both sides).

Mr Bert Wong, Senior Managing Director of Fuji Xerox Singapore explained that “By having such data available companies now have a way to  benchmark their own performance over a 12-month period and to manage it.  This allows for active management with new company-centric initiatives.      At the same time, benchmarking against an industry average would be the next logical step in eco management.”

Data compiled from customers (about 500 companies) who signed up for our Eco-Print program shows high energy efficiency achievements as a result of Fuji Xerox’s energy efficient devices. Statistically speaking, customers who are on our Eco-Print program are now having their machines entering into sleep mode more frequently and longer than on standby mode by more than 60%.

However, while technology advances on Fuji Xerox’s devices are able to help save energy, users need to extend their eco-print effort towards better print practices. The same group of customers in this program shows that inefficient print (measured in pages printed per sheet) is still on the high side. Only 20% of the average monthly 1.5 million sheets of paper printed by our customers are done on duplex mode. This means 80% of documents printed are done on single sided.

The launch of our Eco-Print portal is designed to help our customers achieve not just energy savings but more importantly to provide our customers with the know-how to right print practices that is beneficial to them.

Mr Wong notes, “Companies can reduce consumption in virtually every aspect of the office environment, which is why the Eco-Print dashboard not only showcases device data but also includes tips and advice on how businesses can better supervise office device systems and workflow to attain financial benefits.”

The Eco-Print Dashboard portal will also carry trending topics on Green Document Management from international eco organisations.  There will also be Advice contributions from Fuji Xerox sustainability experts with company case-studies.

For a start, the Fuji Xerox Eco-Print Dashboard is only available free in Singapore to 500 companies.  However there are plans to expand its availability across other areas of the Asia Pacific next year.

At the Singapore launch of the new measurement tool, Fuji Xerox brought in sustainability guru Professor Dennis Driscoll to enlighten the audience and media.

He is one of the leading exponents of CSR in Europe and an international lawyer and the former Dean of the Law School at the National University of Ireland (Galway). He is also a former Visiting Professor at Harvard University and at Peking University Law School, where, in 2004-2005, he had the honour to be the Raoul Wallenberg Visiting Professor of Human Rights, the first Professor of Human Rights in the history of China.

He has been a pioneer in the teaching of Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility. Up to this date, he has given training programmes on CSR and Corporate Governance to staff of more than 500 companies in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, especially in China. He is also the author of the forthcoming study, International and Comparative Corporate Governance.

For more on Fuji Xerox and its sustainability commitment, go to: www.fujixerox.com.sg

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