Dear Santa

Dear Santa

I’m sure you have good antennae to pick up the clear message from the Paris Global Climate Change Conference this month that the days of burning coal are numbered. So you, like the rest of us, have to mend your ways, come clean and switch to renewable energy to power the world. You must have noticed more and more roofs covered in solar panels. They’re all part of the change in the way we receive and use energy. Surely you’re ready to switch to an all-electric sleigh to give your hard working reindeers a rest. And while you’re delivering Christmas gifts around the world, you should spread the good word – in addition to peace and goodwill to all men, women and children – that a new age is dawning. There’s a cleaner, better future ahead for us all. The best Christmas gift is surely the gift of life and love. If we love family, friends and neighbours enough, we can make sure the decisions made in Paris – agreed to by 195 countries – take effect. We stop damaging our lives and the earth itself by burning fossil fuels and clearing forests.Here’s to life on earth.

Here’s to a cleaner, brighter, safer future.

Happy Christmas and may the New Year – and all those years to come – be the best it can possibly be.

From the children of the world.

Adoption of the Paris Agreement (all 32 pages of it)

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