Earthcheck, Sustainable Tourism & Riding Your way to Cleaner Energy


Visitors can uncover the natural evidence for climate change, and examine its impact on our atmosphere, oceans, land, and societies at Chicago’s climate change expo, while EC3 Global and Earth check is organising Australia’s first Destino Sustainable Tourism Conference in Melbourne 19/20 July. And for an example of how hotel guests can come clean is on offer at Crowne Plaza Hotel Copenhagen Towers in Denmark.

Solutions for Sustainable Business

If your business has been hit hard by the GFC and are looking for a way to fatten profit margins, then we highly recommend you secure a seat at the Destino Australia Sustainable Tourism Conference in Melbourne: 19 & 20 July 2010

The event includes first-hand accounts from tourism market leaders who have taken a hands-on approach to managing their environmental footprint and increasing efficiencies as a result. Tickets range from $70 to $400 (including lunch and famils), so there really is no excuse not to go.

Run by EarthCheck and sponsored by global giant Ecolab, Tourism Victoria and Destination Melbourne, Destino Australia presents a unique opportunity to peek behind the scenes of some of the world’s leading businesses, exchange ideas and assess the advantages and disadvantages of sustainable operational practices.

As with other Destino events held overseas, Destino Australia offers a program filled with first-hand accounts from tourism professionals who are taking a hands-on approach to managing their environmental footprint and increasing efficiencies to help fatten profit margins. Jon Dee, Founder & Chairman of Do Something! Founder of Planet Ark is keynote speaker and sure to deliver a rousing speech. Some of Jon’s initiatives have become role models for international change. He initiated the successful lobbying campaign for Australia’s three year phase-out of incandescent light globes; an initiative that has been adopted by other countries. Jon has also spearheaded the highly successful media campaign to phase-out the use of plastic shopping bags in Australia

On Day Two, excursions will see a limited number of delegates visit a selection of Melbourne businesses that have been operating in a sustainable manner for a number of years. In the afternoon, delegates can join a famil to Geelong Otway to see how local businesses are lessening their environmental footprints and enjoy one of Victoria’s most beautiful regions along the way. This hands-on approach to learning is included in the price, as is lunch on Day One and a copy of Jon Dee’s new book about simple things to do to create sustainable workplaces.

EC3 Global is holding an Environmental Assessment Training Workshop at the Crowne Plaza in the afternoon of the 20th for those who seek to come away with a valuable new skill set. Although this is at an additional cost, the extra $100 (EarthCheck Members) or $150 (PATA, ATEC and HMAA Members) or $220 (all others), it’s unlikely to damage the hip pocket of any delegate and those lucky 15 who do take the course will come away with a certificate of achievement.


Chicago Climate Show June 25—November 28, 2010

Uncover the natural evidence for climate change, and examine its impact on our atmosphere, oceans, land, and societies. Discover how even small changes can add  up to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and find out more about our best hopes  for alternative energy sources. Take a moment to explore more about Climate Change at The Field Museum in Chicago and the science behind the exhibition.

In an effort to lower the city’s carbon footprint, a new exhibit focusing on climate change has opened at the Field Museum and will run through Nov. 28. “The exhibit and the plan provide a call to action on climate change,” said the Nature Conservancy’s Bob Moseley via the Chicago Sun-Times, speaking Friday at a joint launch for the show and the Climate Action Plan for Nature he helped create. “But the impact of the many things we can and should do will not be felt for another 50 to 100 years.”

Curators of the new exhibit focused on showing the public how they can reverse the greenhouse effect by reducing the burning of fossil fuels, which is considered to be the primary factor behind carbon dioxide pollution. “Yes, we encourage individuals to look at their choices around energy use and transportation,” Melinda Pruett-Jones, executive director of Chicago Wilderness, said Friday to the Sun-Times, “but we also want them to see the powerful benefits of this region’s natural areas and advocate for their protection and care.”


By Charlotte Cuthbertson in Epoch Times:

No more singing for your supper. It is time to pedal your way to a free lunch.

In its attempt to be greener, the Crowne Plaza Hotel Copenhagen Towers in Denmark encourages guests to get on their special bikes and generate power for the hotel.

The hotel’s calculations suggest one guest cycling at 30 kmph (about 18.6 mph) for one hour will produce around 100 watt-hours of electricity, meaning that reaching the threshold for the meal should take only six minutes, according to The Guardian.

The scheme is a pilot project that will run for a year, and if successful, could be rolled out to all 21 Crowne Plaza hotels in the U.K., the Guardian reported


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