Easter Express on E-vehicles, E-waste, Enterprise & Efficiency


To those who celebrate Easter – whereever you may be – may it be a very happy, relaxing and rewarding time. This Express 102 comes to you not from Australia (Brisbane or Sydney as intended), nor halfway across the Tasman on Pacific Blue, where it has been compiled and completed, but from the New Zealand capital of Wellington.  As we enjoy a little R and R – recreation and reunion of the family and college kind – we will be also scouting for information and ideas, as well as doing a little book work (promoting, signing and selling more of them). As always hoped, this issue has a favourable blend of global and local starting with a profile on the boss of the IPCC with his latest pronouncements, wise words from the UK’s Peter Young on where Government and private enterprise is heading, a glimpse at Heathrow’s environmental challenges and some unusual outcomes of the peaceful kind from rising sea levels in the Bay of Bengal. Closer to home, we have Paddy Manning on energy efficiency, Tim Blue on electric vehicles and Lenore Taylor on where politics is getting us or not! Green Capital  tell us that “doing nothing is not an option”, while cities collectively now have the means to calculate (and care) about their carbon emissions. E-waste rears its ugly head and Greenfleet comes up with a sustainable transport plan. There’s news from Melbourne about the Carbon Reduction Conference and a new Carbon Compass to guide business. The Lucky Last words come from another notable KH – Treasury Secretary Ken Henry – and not the undersigned. Now that all adds up to something! 

Ken Hickson

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