Expressly in Time – Take Five!

High Five! Yes, its time to wish ourselves and our readers happy birthday. Five years old. That’s how long this newsletter has been winging its way into your inboxes. It all started in the first week of March 2008. It was a weekly e-newsletter then and while there were less of you loyal followers in the early days, but most of you have stayed with us as we’ve grown in size, content and variety. Now coming out every two weeks – or twice a month  – we’ve reached our 186th issue and have exceeded 2500 mark of regular readers.  We have also delivered more than 2500 articles in that time – many of them at least since issue 75 are still archives on our ABC Carbon website. Demographically, you are all over the place. A larger percentage of our readers are in Australia, Singapore and New Zealand, but we also reach out to followers in the United Kingdom, South Africa, the US, Canada and most countries in Asia. Plenty to read this time and to celebrate a milestone. We haven’t won the battle or the war but we have at least we have continued to fight the good fight. To show – hopefully – that the pen is mightier than the sword. And the war of words – climate change communication – is winning more supporters for action than ever. –   Ken Hickson

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