Global Sustainability Communicators (GSC)

Global Sustainability Communicators (GSC)

Global Sustainability Communicators – GSC: These are the people around the world, mainly working through media organisations large and small, who effectively communicate news and information on developments in the sustainable world – or more correctly – what’s needed to make the world more sustainable. They cover climate change policy and action, corporate and social responsibility, clean energy and clean tech, eco business and green purchasing, planetary innovations and beneficial technologies, waste management and recycling, environmental and conservation efforts the world over. This list is a work in progress and we will maintain a master listing on our ABC Carbon and SASA websites. We have 40 on the list and welcome recommendations for additions. Take note that I have placed myself on this list in preference, having removed myself from the 100 Global Sustain Ability Leaders list! :

1. Astley, David: As Executive Chairman of the Media Alliance, he launched in 2011 a regional campaign to raise public awareness of climate change issues under the tagline ‘Redraw the Line’. Piloted initially in the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. David was the Secretary-General of the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) prior to joining The Media Alliance – a position that he held from July 2002 to April 2010. David started his career as a print media journalist in the UK and moved into the electronic media whilst working in Australia where he managed several regional television and radio networks, including six years as Managing Director of two listed media companies.

2. Bateman, Louise: A business journalist with over 20 years reporting, writing and editing experience and now specialising in sustainability and green business issues, Louise founded GreenWise – – the independent online publisher helping UK businesses move to a low carbon economy, in 2008. My latest venture is Wise Up Media, a content marketing agency to help business in the green sector market themselves more effectively through corporate storytelling and micro-publishing. She is a Director at  the Sixty Mile Publishing Co Ltd.

3. Brown, Paul: Joint editor of Carbon News Network, Paul covers major events for the “free, ready-to-use factual service that brings the latest news of climate change science”. It aim is to help both scientists and journalists to overcome the difficulties they face in reporting the vital facts about climate change. The service is entirely free of charge. It is run by four volunteers, all veteran journalists who have covered climate change for many years for leading British newspapers and broadcasters and are now freelancing. Building on their contacts and experience, they offer science an unbiased window to the world, while for journalists they offer news stories about climate change.

4. Castle, Sally: Marketing Director, Climate Friendly, Australia,  Sally has been there for over three years, following a career in Not for Profuit organisations and in fund-raising, including Youth Off the Streets, the National Heart Foundation and the Centenary Institute.  She leads the work in communicating the critical importance of sustainability and climate change action, engaging with multi-national corporations, governments, small and medium businesses and individual consumers.  She brings to life the impacts that truly sustainable businesses deliver – not only social, environmental and community benefits, but also real commercial value for themselves and their communities.

5. Chandran, Kannan: Journalist and editor of many magazines, books and articles on various topics, Kannan created a storm with his award-winning STORM Magazine, started 12 years ago. He also produces SINGAPORE for the Singapore International Foundation. He was previously group editor of The Peak in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Marie Claire in Singapore and Malaysia. His sustainability contribution goes beyond covering the subject in many forms in his magazine, to organising events with a sustainability focus, entitled “Keep It Going”.

6. Cheam, Jessica:  The founder and editor of the website, Jessica makes sure it provides news and views for Asia Pacific’s sustainable business community. She continues to write for the Straits Times. She’s the author of the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources’ new book titled “Forging a Greener Tomorrow: Singapore’s environmental journey from slum to eco-city”, which describes Singapore’s transformation from a bustling, but polluted port with slum-like conditions into a high-tech modern city that is globally recognized for being clean and green. She has won a global journalism award at the Earth Journalism Awards, in Copenhagen in December 2009.

7. Chua, Grace: Environment correspondent Grace Chua from The Straits Times, who has been named Singapore’s winner at this year’s Siemens Green Technology Journalism Award. Her commentary piece, “Towards a robust clean air strategy”, covered a wide spectrum of causes and effects of air pollution. With more than three years’ worth of experience in the newsroom, focusing on environment and science, Grace is regularly seen at all the events around sustainability, energy, the environment and has strong analysis, writing and communication skills. She is particularly interested in writing about issues at the intersection of science, economics and policy.

8. Clark, Anna:  President of EarthPeople, based in Dallas, Texas, US and the author of “Green, American Style”. Previously a management consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers and IBM before becoming vice president of a public relations firm.  She founded EarthPeople in 2005 and has helped clients from non-profits and school districts to municipalities and Fortune 500 corporations to achieve cost savings and brand loyalty through profitable sustainability strategies.

9. Confino Jo:  Executive editor of the Guardian and chairman and editorial director of Guardian Sustainable Business (GSB). He also advises Guardian News & Media and Guardian Media Group on their sustainability strategies. A former financial reporter on the Daily Telegraph, he has been with the Guardian for 20 years, where he helped develop The Guardian’s internal sustainability initiatives, is providing overall direction for the new GSB US platform, which The Guardian intends to launch in other regions of the world in the years ahead.

10. Cook, John: Skeptical Science is maintained by John Cook, the Climate Communication Fellow for the Global Change Institute at the University of Queensland. He studied physics at the University of Queensland, Australia. After graduating, he majored in solar physics in his post-grad honours year. As he is not a climate scientist, the science presented on Skeptical Science is not his own but taken directly from the peer reviewed scientific literature. There is no funding to maintain Skeptical Science other than Paypal donations – it’s run at personal expense. John Cook has no affiliations with any organisations or political groups.

11. Dunn, Mike:  Co-founder and managing editor of CleanBiz.Asia, Mike has over 25 years’ experience in the Asia Pacific region, beginning his career as a journalist and then moving on to the field of corporate communications. He has sound knowledge of a wide range of industries, including technology, engineering, financial services, consumer products and public affairs. A Canadian, Dunn has always held a keen interest in the areas of environmental protection and sustainability. CleanBiz Asia acts as an information clearing house on sustainable business practices, events, insights and initiatives which are sourced from a variety of professional journalists and expert contributors.

12. Edis, Tristan: When appointed Editor of Climate Spectator in February 2012, Tristan admitted he had been closely involved in business and policy issues related to reducing carbon emissions since 2002 when he joined the Australian Government’s Greenhouse Office (now the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency). Later he joined the Business Council for Sustainable Energy, which subsequently became the Clean Energy Council, worked for Ernst & Young, before joining the Grattan Institute in 2009. Climate Spectator is a daily e-newsletter coming out of Melbourne, Australia.

13. Fogarty, David: Best known for his work at Reuters for nearly 20 years as a senior editor and reporter, most recently as a Climate Change Correspondent, Asia. Now an independent media consultant and director of Falling Apples Consultancy in Singapore, where he helps clients with advice on media strategy and engagement, specialist writing and editing, drawing on his background as a climate change specialist, extensive contacts and years as a senior desk editor. Besides writing some land-mark special reports for Reuters, he was responsible for organising regular Clean Tech Forums bringing together experts and those wanting to learn about clean tech opportunities in Asia.

14. Hardcastle, Jessica Lyons: Editor, Environmental Leader, Jessica has worked as a writer and editor at newspapers, magazines and online publications for more than a decade covering business, green technology, renewable energy and other environmental issues. She has written for Environmental Leader, Energy Manager Today, Solar Novus Today, Novus Light Technologies Today and Silicon Valley Business Journal. Environmental Leader is the leading daily trade publication keeping corporate executives fully informed about energy, environmental and sustainability news.

15. Hickson, Ken: For six years, he has produced of the fortnightly e-newsletter, abc carbon express and his fifth book is just out, entitled “Race for Sustainability”. He is based in Singapore where he also manages Sustain Ability Showcase Asia (SASA) and a communications consultancy H2PC Asia, which has been producing content for the E2 Singapore website for the National Environment Agency (NEA). He is a Governor of WWF Australia and author of the climate change issues and opportunities reference book “The ABC of Carbon”. He is also Chairman of the Green Purchasing Network in Singapore and Regional Director Asia for Be Sustainable.

16. Huffington, Ariana: The chair, president, and editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post Media Group, she is a nationally syndicated columnist and the author of thirteen books. In May 2005, she launched Huffington Post, a news and blog site that quickly became one of the most widely-read, linked to, and frequently-cited media brands on the Internet. In 2012, the site won a Pulitzer Prize for national reporting. In 2006, and again in 2011, she was named to the Time 100, Time Magazine’s list of the world’s 100 most influential people. She serves on several boards, including EL PAÍS, PRISA, the Center for Public Integrity, and the Committee to Protect Journalists.

17. Hurry, Jovin: A young writer who specialises in asking the right questions at the right time, Jovin probes entrepreneurs at how they negotiate core sustainability issues, in a world of turbulent markets, limited resources, social disparities and structural faults. He has spent the last 15 years studying, living and working in Asia and Europe, focussing on sustainability, business and learning and development. Jovin completed two Masters in Sweden (Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability and Entrepreneurship & Innovation) and finished a Bachelor in Singapore. He has chaired, facilitated and organised a number of events on sustainability in Asia and Europe.

18. Jamal, Karen: With nearly two decades of experience as a communications specialist, Karen Jamal has built a successful consultancy, KJ Communications, and offers communications strategy and execution, media management, writing and editing services to a wide variety of clients. Karen has a proven track record with both small and large organisations, and across a broad cross-section of industries. She is best known for her work promoting the Green Building Council of Australia and the World Green Building Council.

19. Kumar, Satish: Resurgence & Ecologist editor-in-chief Satish has brought together the two former magazines into one, offering print and online access. In 1973 Satish settled in the United Kingdom taking up the post of editor of Resurgence magazine, a position he has held ever since, making him the UK’s longest-serving editor of the same magazine. In his new book, “Soil Soul Society”, he calls for a new green movement, one that integrates ecological sustainability, personal spirituality and social justice, which is more than capable of becoming mainstream. The Resurgence Trust publishes Resurgence & Ecologist magazine to promote ecological sustainability, social justice and spiritual values.

20. Kashiwagi, Nobuko: Nobuko is the chief correspondent of UbrainTV and is the Director in charge of business relationships and communications. Nobuko is Japanese and grew up in South Africa and New Zealand. She graduated from Waseda University and worked as an intern for Mr. Yasutoshi Nishimura, current Senior Vice-Minister of Japan’s Cabinet Office. From 2008 – 2010, she was involved in the UK-Japan Next Generation Energy Project. She is also a master of Japanese traditional dance – “nihonbuyo” – under the name ‘Fukumi Bando’.

21. Leadbetter, Simon: Founder of Blue and Green Tomorrow, has held senior roles at The Daily Telegraph and in 2004 founded a marketing agency. As Chief Marketing Officer for two VC-backed start-ups,  launched the online platform Cleantech Intelligence (which underpinned The Guardian’s Cleantech 100) and StrategyEye Cleantech. Most recently, he was Marketing Director of Emap and the founder of Blue & Green Tomorrow, which  wants to help grow businesses that balance the needs of the planet, its people and prosperity. On this site you’ll find insights into how to invest responsibly, travel sustainably, shop ethically and use cleaner sources of energy.

22. Lopes, Lesley: Editor of Green Lifestyle Magazine, has worked on magazines covering everything from home entertainment, gardening and food to science and parenting Published in Sydney since November 2006, Green Lifestyle Magazine is an eco-living print title that is positive, practical and evidence-based, showing mainstream solutions to living a lower-impact lifestyle. It is published on paper that is 100% post-consumer recycled stock with proven sustainable environmental accreditations and is produced by Nextmedia Pty Ltd. G-Online is the daily content site of the award-winning Magazine, described as Australia’s #1 consumer sustainability title.

23. Makower, Joel:  Chairman and Executive Editor, GreenBiz Group, he is a well-respected voice on business, the environment, and the bottom line. As a writer and strategist on corporate sustainability practices and clean technology, he has helped a wide range of companies align environmental goals with business strategy. He is author of several books on business and sustainability, including Strategies for the Green Economy. From 1991 to 2005, Joel was editor of The Green Business Letter, an award-winning monthly newsletter on corporate environmental strategy. The Associated Press has called Joel “the guru of green business practices.”

24. Marchetti, Nino: As founder of EarthTechling and its editor in chief, Nino is a green technology journalist with a passion for the environment. Previous to this, he had a career as a personal technology writer, having been published online and in print at CNET, Laptop, PC World, and others. EarthTechling describes itself as “a clever mix of technologists and environmentalists”, a journalistic movement with a clearly defined goal of bringing consumers to the intersection of technology and environmental advancement. It does this by elevating stories and thought leaders in an effort to promote environmentally-focused technologies readers should be thinking about.

25. Murray, James: As Editor of Business Green, James runs the business web site which offers companies the latest news and best-practice advice on how to become more environmentally responsible, while still growing the all-important bottom line. Besides The Week in Green – A round up the week’s top headlines, issues and opinions – there is also BusinessGreen Daily, BusinessGreen Technology, BusinessGreen Renewables and BusinessGreen Policy. Formerly Management Editor for IT Week, James has been with Business Green, published by Incisive Media, since October 2007. He is also a regular blogger.

26. Naguran, Mallika:  An experienced sustainability consultant and communications professional with more than 20 years of work experience in the private and public sectors, Mallika has held senior managerial roles in local firms and MNCs, specifically in publishing, public relations and marketing communications. In 2008 she founded Gaia Discovery, Asia’s not-for-profit online publication on the environment and heritage, supported by expert advisor and contributor panels. In 2009, she established Gaia Ideas, a consultancy arm on sustainability matters.

27. O’Neill, Tamsin: Editor of Green Magazine, Australia`s leading architecture magazine focused on inspiring sustainable house and garden designs. Online and in print, each issue of Green showcases the most interesting and creative sustainable designs from architects and landscapers around Australia and internationally. Tamsin is an experienced journalist in the green space, previously Editor, Director and Managing Editor at Green Press, including green/Treadlie Magazines.

28. Parkinson, Giles: Founded by Giles – a journalist of 30 years’ experience – RenewEconomy is an independent website, updated daily and with a free daily newsletter. Giles is a former Business Editor and Deputy Editor of the Australian Financial Review, a former columnist for The Bulletin magazine and The Australian, and the founder and former editor of Climate Spectator. He says that there seems little doubt that the Australian economy – indeed the world’s – is about to go through one of the most dramatic transformations since the industrial revolution.

29. Patrick, Katie: Katie is one of Australia’s most prominent technology entrepreneurs and environmental spokes women. She is the founder of and author of ‘The Counter Economy’. Katie studied Environmental and Civil Engineering at RMIT and began her career as an environmental project manager for commercial and residential construction projects at APP and a sustainable design engineer at Lincolne Scott. She founded Green Pages Publishing at age 25, from her bedroom in Sydney and quickly grew the company to become Australia’s leading green publishing and digital media companies, employing over 15 full time people.

30. Perinotto, Tina: As Publisher and Managing Editor of the Fifth Estate, Tina makes sure it remains Australia’s leading source of news, views and information on sustainable property and the built environment. It is published daily online and distributed as a free weekly newsletter with key highlights of coverage. Prior to Fifth Estate, Tina was with the Australian Financial Review and previously Managing Editor, Property Australia magazine for Property Council of Australia.

31. Phillips, Sara:  Editor of the ABC environmental portal, Sara has been an environment journalist and editor for eleven years. Learning the trade on environmental trade publications, she went on to be deputy editor of ‘Cosmos’ magazine and editor of ‘G’, a green lifestyle magazine. She has won several awards for her work including the 2006 Reuters/IUCN award for excellence in environmental reporting and the 2008 Bell Award for editor of the year.

32. Prakash, Bhavani: Bhavani Prakash is a speaker, trainer and writer, and has given talks and conducted workshops on Sustainability and various environmental issues. Eco WALK the Talk was founded in 2008 by Bhavani Prakash, who is an environmental activist based in Singapore.  She has a Masters in Financial Economics from University of London and a Diploma in Management from Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, India Author of the book “50 Ways to Make your home Eco Friendly”.

33. Rochlin, Lucy: Editor, Ecogeneration, which is committed to communicating the clean energy industry’s news, promoting its achievements and advancing discussion and debate. Lucy oversees all platforms for the magazine – including online, events, and print and leads a tight-knit team of journalists. Published 6 times a year as a print edition, it includes featured and specially commissioned articles, low-emission and renewable energy industry news, policy and regulation information, events and reviews. Magazine publisher Great Southern Press combines traditional publishing techniques with modern innovations to deliver both hard-copy magazines and on-line news and information.

34. Shannon, Laura: Is front and centre of Eco TV, a digital media platform offering content from a diverse range of sources – including its network partners, such as Keep Australia Beautiful, The Banksia Foundation and Conservation Volunteers Australia. It is part of Carbon Market Pty Ltd which manages and operates five business units including Eco Voice, Eco News, Eco TV & Eco Daily.

35. Shell, Ana: Founder of Ana Shell Media, Ana is an environmentalist, venture businesswoman, the owner of the private Fund of entrepreneurs-inventors known as “Territory of Shell” and founder of the Ana Shell Media Press. Ana observed a world where oil, gas and money rule. These natural resources help the United States and the European Union print money. All the other countries, being apart from the scheme ”natural resources = money,” are considered third world countries. All people live in debt to nature, because the main volume of energy is produced from oil, gas or coal. This will continue until an alternative power becomes available at a price three times less expensive than existing systems.

36. Sherwood, Sarah-Jane: A passionate sustainability communicator, Sarah-Jane founded Communicate Blue with a dream of contributing towards a brighter future.  She has an 11-year history of working in marketing communications, PR, employee and other stakeholder engagement, media relations, marketing strategy and business development. Sarah-Jane has worked across FMCG, technology, charity and professional services sectors on a wide range of high profile campaigns. She has collaborated with clients in the corporate and financial sectors to help them improve and benefit from their sustainability agenda, in both a marketing and business development capacity.

37. Subhadra, Pavathy Dr: Manager Publishing of Roof and Façade, a magazine that offers a Framework for Sustainability. Dr Parvathy Subhadra holds a Ph.D. Degree in Agricultural Science and has over two years of experience in trade magazine publishing in Asia. Her professional duties include researching building and construction industry content for use in the company’s various publications. www.roofandfaç

38. Tay, Eugene: Founder and Editor of Green Business Times and Director of Green Future Solutions. Eugene previously worked for the National Environment Agency on waste minimisation and recycling, and taught ecotourism at the Ngee Ann Polytechnic. He has a Master’s degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the Nanyang Technological University and a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering with a Minor in Technopreneurship from the National University of Singapore. His websites include: Asia is Green, Green Business Singapore, Zero Waste Singapore, Low Carbon Singapore, Greenstore, and Save Food Cut Waste.

39. Tunas, Devisanthi: Architect and researcher at the Centre for Sustainable Asian Cities, Santhi is also the driving force behind Green Asia Force is a digital platform that seeks to raise awareness on sustainable practice among building owners, building practitioners, students, green-inclined individuals and for those who simply cares to learn more. Green Asia Force focuses on suitable sustainable practice in the tropical regions.

40. Wesoff, Eric: Prior to joining Greentech Media, Eric Wesoff founded Sage Marketing Partners in 2000 to provide sales and marketing-consulting services to venture-capital firms and their portfolio companies in the alternative energy and telecommunications sectors. As Editor-in-Chief of Greentech Media, he maintains it as a business to business site covering daily news and market analysis about the end-to-end greentech market. Its audience is targeted toward business executives and managers who have purchasing and decision making power: the thought leaders of the fast moving greentech economy.


The first compilation of the Global Sustainability Communicators list, compiled by Ken Hickson for ABC Carbon and Sustainability Showcase Asia – SASA. Published with the Issue 202 abc carbon express 24 November 2013. The master list will be updated – and suggestions are welcome for additions and changes – and will be maintained to appear on our two websites: and




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