Ignore ideas at your peril!

Ignore  ideas at your peril!

Isn’t it a pity when we see great examples of innovation, enterprise and clear thinking – even leadership – from the private sector and not for profit organisations, which get totally ignored by the powers that be – or would be. Here we have a brilliant plan for a Zero Carbon Australia, backed by science and business – and the odd politician – that was started by one young man, Matthew Wright, who we profile. Then there’s a ten-step plan from Michael Molitor (in Lucky Last) which could put Australia at the forefront of the world’s biggest economic growth opportunity and to help ensure that a widespread global carbon correction is avoided. The best the Labor Government can come up with is an endorsement of carbon farming – which was promoted by Malcolm Turnbull two years ago. The Climate Change and Business conference was very cool on Australia, but decidedly warmer for New Zealand and China. There’s an Australian business – now based in Singapore – which has built the biggest tidal turbine to produce clean energy for Scotland. As a global miner, Rio Tinto is making surprisingly positive sounds in favour of a price on carbon, while the first of the big four accounting firms has committed to clean tech growth. Electric cars are showing how to go around the world in 80 days, while China is taking drastic action against polluters and boosting green building (and clean energy). The US has a new plan to consider that’s good for the pocket and the environment, and scientists in Australia and New Zealand are standing up to the senseless challenge of the sceptical coalition. Some things never change! – Ken Hickson

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