Making Sense of This Business

One can only wonder whether two very significant meetings held in Singapore this month might produce more impactful results than the upcoming Doha UN climate change conference. Has the life gone out of the UN mechanism for co-ordinated global action on climate change?  Is there a better way to make the changes needed? The World Bank and International Energy Agency is telling it how it is. And we are seeing so many examples of global businesses and individual nations taking strong actions. Look at Responsible Business Forum on Sustainable Development, where TEEB was launched and which was set up to operate in Singapore. The Economics and Ecosystems and Biodiversity for Business Coalition – admittedly a mouthful – has attracted widespread business support, including that of the Institute of Chartered Accountants.  Putting a price on pollution – and damage to the wider environment – is consistent with making emissions trading schemes and carbon taxes work. European, American and Asian companies and their leaders made their presence felt in another Singapore meeting, organised by Xynteo and the Global Leadership and Technology Exchange (GLTE). The big difference between these meetings and all the other talk fests we hear about is that these people mean business. They are already taking action and achieving results. They are changing the way business is done. It doesn’t mean “no growth”. It means clean and green growth. A sustainable future. Makes prefect business sense. – Ken Hickson

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