New Game Show: Carbon Price Is Right!

New Game Show: Carbon Price Is Right!

The focus this week is on money and economists after the emphasis last week was on books and authors.  Or more specifically:  the need for a Government policy that puts a price on carbon thereby introducing a market mechanism to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, move to a low carbon economy and increase investment in clean energy and green jobs. As simple as that. But PM Julia Gillard doesn’t seem to be listening to good advice from Reserve Bank Governor Warwick McKibben, in our profile, as well as other experts Paul Gilding and Frank Jotzo. The EBA and AGL make some important points on behalf of business, contrary to the negative advice from the AI Group. We should learn something from the strenuous and co-ordinated lobbying campaign in the US by Ceres and its “Business for Innovative Climate & Energy Policy”. Nobel Laureates like

Paul Crutzen make sense when they get together and we’re seeing positive investment signs with the launch of world’s first climate change advocacy fund. Take note also: latest Antarctic ice research supports predictions of a doubling in the rate of sea level rise over the next century. MBD reports progress with its algae bio-sequestration plans and the Carbon Trust is calling on business for expressions of interest. Not many know that the World Cup came up with more than a winning result for Spain – an energetic soccer ball! Solar Impulse keeps up in the air, even in the dark, while the Plastiki Pacific journey nears its end with the Australia coastline looming. How about putting a price on plastic?                                          – Ken Hickson

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  1. very nice and informative website.cutting our carbon footprints is really essential these days.

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