No Longer “Business As Usual”

No Longer “Business As Usual”

New Year resolutions might be passé but we have a few recommendations for improvements in human activity in this issue, from American notables, including John Holdren, Glenn Meyers, Anna Clark and a host of business leaders.

There are some interesting developments on the US EPA front and the Carbon War Room has businesses calling for faster action. Weather and climate are the talk of the town, particularly when you are snow-bound or flood-affected as millions have been in Europe, North America, Australia and elsewhere. Of course, extreme weather has been on the cards ever since climate charge first reared its ugly head. So let’s stop talking about “global warming” if it means some think we will never be cold or wet again.

For CNN, Greenpeace and Professor Kurt Lambeck the weather/climate nexus is in focus, while Michael Richardson takes us below the surface for the impact of CO2. Indonesia and Norway are seeing REDD together, while the BBC reports on a “new” way to harness fuel from sunlight and NCAR has the lowdown on the crucial climate role of dust. Australia is having trouble keeping its RECs up, while Malaysia is moving ahead with its green building schemes. Nirmal Ghosh from Bangkok takes a personal look at his footprint and recommends we “stop collectively sawing at the branch we are sitting on”.

We take the stand and boldly predict: sustainability and a low-to-zero carbon future will start to replace “business as usual” for industry worldwide. And we expect even greater leadership from the new “developing” world, including India, China, Singapore, Brazil, Mexico and South Korea. Here’s to a happier and more sustainable New Year ahead. – Ken Hickson

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