Not a Half-Baked Idea! Innovation & Technology Cuts Energy & Water Use

For over 20 years, Grupo Bimbo, the world’s largest baking company, has been examining its use of energy and water in its production and distribution processes, and various programs have been implemented to reduce the company’s environmental impact. In his speech at the Green Businesses Summit at Mexico City, Grupo Bimbo CEO Daniel Servitje highlighted the importance of innovation and technology in meeting sustainability goals. Read more

21 September 2012:

Mexico City, September 20th, 2012.- Today, Daniel Servitje, Grupo Bimbo CEO, opened the key note speeches day within the Green Businesses Summit, organized by the Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM for its acronym in Spanish), at its Mexico City Campus.

Before a numerous audience of students and experts on environmental issues, he made a presentation on the topic of “Corporate Strategies at the Forefront of Sustainability”, in which he referred to the fundamental axes of the projects and programs that have been implemented in the Company’s production operations in order to reduce the environmental impact and disseminate a broad view of sustainability among the Company’s Associates, Suppliers, Customers and Consumers.

The leading company in the baking industry, which is currently present in 19 countries of three continents, is a pioneer in the promotion of environmental programs as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility. During the last 20 years, numerous programs have been implemented seeking to reduce the Company’s environmental footprint by saving water, the efficient use of energy, emissions reduction and waste management, pointed our Mr. Servitje.

Since 1991, Grupo Bimbo formalized its policy on energy and the rational use of natural resources in its production and distribution processes. In 2002, it implemented a comprehensive environmental management system in all its production plants in Mexico, and in 2007 initiated its “Committed to the Environment” program with the purpose of reducing the environmental impact of all its operations, which has allowed the Company to receive important acknowledgements from SEMARNAT, PROFEPA and COPARMEX.

One of the major challenges that the private sector will have to face in order to reach optimal operating sustainability levels relates to the alignment of productivity and competitiveness of companies, with the values and responsibility over the environment. It is fundamental that these values be shared throughout the value chain of our companies, and to foster actions with a character of co-responsibility between the private sector and the authorities, stated the CEO.

Innovation and technological development are the linchpins of the decisions made by Grupo Bimbo, seeking to reach the highest standards on energy efficiency that will allow for a better use of resources, and at the same time, reduce its environmental footprint, stated Daniel Servitje. The incorporation of technology in a company’s productive processes generates greater efficiency, increases productivity and has a positive impact on company finances.


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