Not-So-Great Expectations

Not-So-Great Expectations

On the eve of the 17th UN Climate Change
Conference in Durban, South Africa (28 November
to 9 December), what’s the least we should expect to see coming out of
this? Expectations have been dampened, especially when hopes have been raised
too high in the past. Here’s our wish list – our Plan A – and we have
supporting articles on practically all of this:

A global commitment to a new (or renewed) Kyoto Protocol – retitled as the
“Durban Declaration 2011” – to stop greenhouse gas emissions in their tracks.

Allow every nation to fix its own way forward, through a carbon price, clean energy
investment or a mix of measures, but committing to verifiable emissions targets
and actions.

Advance REDD mechanism into international law as the best way to stop deforestation and
open up investment into clean energy, forest carbon & sustainable

Act to get the Global Green Fund up and running to provide adequate funding to
developing and vulnerable countries to undertake mitigation and adaption
measures immediately.

There are plenty of health and humanitarian reasons to act. Solar
is rising to the top of renewable energy options for the future. Energy
efficiency is still the most cost effective and quickest way to reduce
emissions. Europe’s aviation emission plans are questioned and the shipping
industry is being told to act. Environmental pioneer Sir Jonathon Porritt makes
a welcome appearance and business is showing its sustainability shine.
Australia moves to protect the Coral Sea and Alaskans mount a fight against
“big oil”. China moves ahead on clean energy and green jobs, while the role and
opportunity for media is advanced.  The pen is mightier than the sword after all!– Ken

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