People and Places Deserving Attention


Queen’s Birthday Honours’ went out to thousands of undoubtedly well-deserved recipients all over the Commonwealth of nations but we saw little or no evidence of recognition of those committed to the environment or climate change action. Luckily for some there’s an accolade like the ABC CARBON 50 to claim. Last week, we presented Australia’s 50 most influential. Hope you made it or at least saw who’s there and who’s not. Next up we want to recognise those climate change and conservation communicators – journalists working tirelessly in the media or those directly aiming to make sure you get the message on clean energy, sustainability or all things good and green. Your nominations please! This week we have people’s views and news from far and wide. There’s Bill Gates in Profile and Peter Seligman at Lucky Last. Malcolm Turnbull turns up again, as does Victor Bivell.  Tim Soutphommasane makes his mark and Thomas Sterner shows up. Adrian Macey gets honoured at Bonn but nothing much else happens, while Kate Galbraith of New York Times gets us thinking about oil spill impacts. Scottish and Irish ideas and schemes abound, while French and Spanish investors plug into Arab solar energy. Wizard Power looks for more funds before the sun sets and Australia’s Sustainable Cities gets marked out of 20.See how Germany is upsetting the status quo for Qantas and for food consumers. Is there really climate chaos lurking or do our climate scientists just need to get their act together?  Let us know what you think. – Ken Hickson

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