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It’s that time of the year again when we put out the call for nominations and recommendations for 100 Global Sustain Ability Leaders. Even if you are on the 2012 (or 2011) list or know those who are, feel free to nominate deserving leaders of old or new. We are looking for people who are making an impact; who write, talk, practice and promote sustainability at home and abroad. On the job or in the community. We expect the list to be published in our 200th issue in the first week of October. Nominations close Friday 20 September. Read More


Introducing 100 Global Sustain Ability Leaders:

This will be the third 100 Global Sustain Ability Leaders list, which has been devised and produced by Ken Hickson, Chairman/CEO of Sustain Ability Showcase Asia and ABC Carbon, and will be published in this the 200th issue of abc carbon express , expected in the first week of October 2013.

Nominations are invited now from anyone, anywhere in the world. You can nominate yourself if you think you qualify. You can nominate someone you admire.

Check out the last year’s list of leaders to see who’s there and why they’re listed. Go to:


You will also find the list on

What are the criteria to bear in mind?

  1. Individuals who have made their mark – in words and in deeds – and shown true leadership in sustainability policy and practice on a local, community, regional, national or international level.
  2. Leaders in business, in the community, working for NGOs, in Government or in the media. Prepared to stand up and be counted. To speak their mind and make an impression. To live and work, as well as preach and practice sustainability.
  3. As we believe sustainability incorporates four factors – Energy, Economy, Environment and Ethics – and goes even further than the triple bottom line, bear that in mind when making your nomination.
  4. Even if someone has been on the list before – in 2011 or 2012 – they can still be nominated and selected this year. But we are sure there are some additions and maybe some who should be “retired”!

How do I nominate someone?

Please email me – – with the full name, position and location of the nominee.

Set out in no more than 100 words why you think the nominee deserves to be on the 100 Global Sustain Ability Leaders list.

Please provide a short CV/biographic data on the nominee or provide a link to a website or a Linked In profile.

Get onto it now. Spread the word.

Nominations close 20 September 2013.


Ken Hickson

Chairman and CEO

Sustain Ability Showcase Case (SASA)

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