Scotland’s Offshore Renewable Energy Expertise to share with Asia

Scotland’s Offshore Renewable Energy Expertise to share with Asia

Not satisfied with capitalising on its own tremendous offshore clean energy resource, Scotland is trading and sharing with the rest of the world its technology and its expertise. So its marine energy experts are about to plan for new wave power test site in China and a team of Scottish clean energy leaders are spreading the word about clean offshore energy at the Singapore International Energy Week. Read More

Not only exhibiting and speaking at the Singapore International Energy Week in Singapore, but the Scottish Development International mission delegation from the renewable energy and smart grid sectors is going out of its way to meet with as many people as its can from the energy sectors in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region.

Go to for more or to the event site: for the full week’s programme.

We also checked up on what one of the Australian companies in the marine energy business are up to.

Carnegie Wave Energy – under the chairmanship of long-time clean energy industry leader Jeff Harding – is moving beyond its existing plant which is the only wave energy projedct in the world to be feeding into the grid in western Australia. Now the focus is on otherv places, including Europe and even Scotland. A few days ago (on 21 October) a presentation was made at the Ocean Energy Europe (OEE) conference in Dublin, Ireland by CWE UK’s CEO, Mr. Tim Sawyer. The OEE is the biggest wave and tidal conference globally and includes the main European Ministers responsible for ocean energy from Scotland, Ireland, UK, Wales and France. Scottish Renewables Marine Conference Presentation. While last month, on 16 September 2015, a presentation delivered at the Scottish Renewables Marine Conference in Inverness, Scotland by Carnegie’s Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Dr Michael Ottaviano. Expect to see more of Carnegie in Europe and Asia. Go to

Scottish Energy News (22 October 2015):

Edinburgh and Orkney European Marine Energy Centre, Orkney

The European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) – based in Orkney, Scotland and Edinburgh University – have teamed up in a deal to carry out research and share knowledge on setting up a new wave energy test site in China.

They will be working in partnership with the Ocean University of China, Qingdao National Laboratory for Marine Science and Technology, and the Qingdao Songling Power Environmental Equipment Company.

Oliver Wragg, EMEC Commercial Director, said: “Scotland and China have a common interest to support the global development of marine energy technologies. As the first test centre of its kind, EMEC has endured some steep learning curves during its own development, and we see no point in other countries having to reinvent the wheel.

“Having overseen more than 1,000 marine energy activities at our test sites in Orkney covering device deployments, grid connections, cable laying operations, data collection and various monitoring activities, we have many experiences to share with our Chinese counterparts that can make their journey a great deal smoother.

“And by working together, we can help open up markets across the world for wave and tidal energy technologies currently in development”.

Professor Hongda Shi from Ocean University of China, added: “Marine renewable energy in China has the potential for a brilliant future, but we have a long way to go.

“The short-cut for development is to cooperate with the countries which have advanced technology and abundant experience. Scotland is no doubt such a country, and EMEC is the leader of the domain.

“Enterprise, together with university, can make both theoretical and applicable achievements. We hope that collaboration between both countries will make marine renewable energy a big market which benefits Scotland and China.”

Edinburgh University’s Institute for Energy Systems (IES) – with over 50 academic and research staff – hosts the UK Centre for Marine Energy Research (UKCMER) which researches physical modelling of device concepts, development of device technology, sub-systems and components.


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