Singapore & Vietnam Targets for 40 EU Companies

Singapore & Vietnam Targets for 40 EU Companies

The EU Business Avenues’ inaugural Clean Technologies mission in ASEAN has 40 European companies participating who aim to share technology and sound out investment opportunities in both Singapore and Vietnam between 14 and 19 June. Addressing environment and water, renewable energy and energy efficiency, the Mission recognises that Singapore is an attractive market for European companies with innovative, high technology offerings given its small and competitive market, as well as a base for procurement in Asia Pacific. Read More

EU Business Avenues:

Singapore is recognized as a global leader in the environment and water sectors, being at the forefront of environmental innovation and an early adopter of solutions.

The Singapore Government is strongly involved in the promotion of the development of the local environment and water industries. Its aim is to establish Singapore as a global R&D centre for Renewable Energy; main focus on solar energy development but also wind energy, electric mobility, smart grids, biomass, fuel cells, energy efficiency, and carbon services.

This makes Singapore an ideal springboard as an R&D and sales hub for EU environmental and water companies looking to access regional markets. Therefore, this makes Singapore an attractive market for European companies with innovative, high technology offerings given its small and competitive market. These companies may also explore Singapore as a base for procurement in Asia Pacific.

The Clean Technologies 2015 mission will be part of the EU Business Avenues’ inaugural mission in ASEAN with participation of 40 European companies selected by the European Union to broaden their business and will be held in June 2015. The mission will include sector expert presentations, site visits, technical seminars, networking opportunities and a two-day 1-2-1 business matching event. This mission will be held in both Singapore and Vietnam.The last Clean Technologies business mission takes place from Sunday (evening) 14 June to Friday 19 June.

A group of 40 European companies active in clean technologies, with a focus on water, waste and energy efficiency, will join the trip to Singapore and Vietnam.

Both in Singapore and Vietnam, active business matching events, including technical seminars are part of the week schedule, as well as briefings on the specific subsectors.

The matching event in Singapore is located at the Suntec Convention & Exhibition Center and takes place on Tuesday 16 and Wednesday 17 June, preceded by a networking reception on Monday evening.

The majority of companies will travel to Vietnam on Wednesday 17 June to close the mission week in Ho Chi Min City.

Clean Technology represents a diverse range of products, services and processes.

The EU Business Avenues Clean Technologies 2015 focuses on three main sectors namely: (1) Water, (2) Environment / Waste Management and (3) Renewable Energy.

The participating companies for this mission specializes on the following sub-sectors:


Environment and Water:

Waste water treatment, air pollution control, waste management, recycling, soil erosion prevention, noise protection;

Fresh water supply, water solutions

Off-grid clean energy solutions check

Renewable Energy:

Wind, solar, aero thermal, geothermal, hydrothermal and ocean energy, hydropower, biomass, landfill gas, sewage treatment, plant gas and biogas;

Power generation, management and control systems, hydrogen technologies, bio-fuel technologies and co-generation technologies;

Off-grid clean energy solutions

Energy Efficiency:

Energy conservation, and energy conservation technologies focused on reducing CO2 emissions;

Technologies and energy efficient materials related to the engineering, design, construction fitting, arrangement and the finishing of public


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