The Future is Now

Three of a kind – but not at all kind  – as thousands suffer through devastating floods in Pakistan, China and the Philippines. If that’s not enough, we have seen record heat-waves in Asia – Japan, Korea and China. And the heat is on in California as wild fires rage out of control. It is not your imagination or mine. We are seeing more of these tragedies than ever before – extreme weather events – and they will be more frequent. All the climate change predictions are being borne out. It is not something to expect in the future. The future is now. So we will continue to bring this to your attention. But we will also do our best to look on the bright side. In this issue, each of our “articles” will be three in one. Reports, cases and solutions. Funding for clean energy in Asia and new places to find it – even underwater. Dealing with waste as a resource. Protecting the trees from illegal logging. Awareness of the health impact of air pollution. Green purchasing, electric cars and sustainable rubber. What’s up in the Arctic, Antarctica and Africa. Fast, clean travel forms for the future. The last word is on books – old and new – and writers honoured. But before that – the annual call for leaders to stand up and be counted or nominated. The search is on for 2013′s 100 Global Sustain Ability Leaders. – Ken Hickson

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