Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright!


Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright!                              

                                                   Ken Hickson

What will the Year of the Tiger mean for the climate and the country? In spite of so much negative reporting on the subject in the traditional media (mostly in the News Limited dailies), the Australian public continue to show a strong  73% “belief” in climate change, even if a growing number don’t support the Government’s CPRS.

Believe it or not, Australia could move to 100% renewable energy within a decade, just like one research centre has achieved already in the Antarctic. Bill Gates enters the climate change debate to propose a “terrapowerful” solution and finance professional Jennifer Lauber Patterson is profiled to provide perceptive post-Copenhagen thoughts. We acknowledge the Year of the Tiger and WWF’s important global focus on saving the threatened striped feline.


The US is creating a new agency to advance climate change information and action, while in the UK a conservative speaks up for a higher carbon price. Peter Crosier takes the stage to start the Wentworth Group series of talks and David Suzuki reflects on whether the Winter Olympics are as green as they should be. Plus we have all the latest on developments in solar, hydrogen, algae, energy efficiency and the need for consumers to give business the green light.


Paddy Manning has the lucky last spot with a mine of information on a certain sceptic and in the end there’s a Green Tag unveiling at Green Cities.

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