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A Queensland business eNerwise has won the national distribution rights for a unique power saving device produced by the South Korean firm of Keseco, which cuts electricity wastage (and costs) by between 5% and 20%. Ken Hickson went to Mackay to find out what it’s all about.

Report from Ken Hickson:

I flew from Brisbane to Mackay on Tuesday morning to be met at the airport by Dion Borg, who I’d met a month ago at the Sustainable Townsville event. He was the first to tell me about the energy saving device that his company eNerwise was about to launch on to the Australian market.

Before I caught my flight I sent an email to a few of my media contacts telling them that a Mackay business eNerwise – run by a Phillip Surch – has invited me up to witness the signing up with a South Korean company for Australian wide distribution of an energy efficiency device. What’s interesting is it guarantees to achieve 5% saving in electricity – for home, business, office, factory – but could achieve up to 20% saving.

Only one enterprising journalist took up the story. News producer and journalist Ebony Cavallaro at Seven News Mackay responded and did an Australian exclusive on the announcement.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. First I met one of the men of the moment. Mackay businessman Phillip Surch who runs eNerwise. We had talked on the telephone a few times but this was the first face to face.

Soon I was to hear all about his plans to market this unique product throughout Australia.

I was also honoured to meet the man who had invented Ultra – South Korean Eun-Kuk Kim, who’s happy to go by the English name of James. He is Chairman and CEO of the company Keseco.

With him was his international sales manager Douglas Jang and his very able technical sales and assistant manager Ashley Park.

On Keseco’s own website Ultra is described as “the World’s 1st new technology of saving power by improving current without dropping voltage. In other words, Ultra is patented product developed to be safer and more effective of power saving through current improvement. It is possible to install without the influence of production line and there is a little danger of fire because of its heatless type.”

Talking to the South Korean experts and eNerwise people, as well as seeing a demonstration of the product, I was soon to appreciate the value and importance of this device. Of course, exactly how it works is beyond even the most scientifically-inclined electrical or chemical engineer – which is what Mr Kim is – so I had to make do with a description from the 70 page Ultra Service Manual.

This sums it up to me:

“Ultra is the power saving device that reduces the loss of heat energy by improving the current flow so that the electric power consumption is saved.”

Exactly how it does this is Mr Kim’s secret. He has world-wide patents on his “chemical super conductor process” and up until now no-one has been able to duplicate what he has with Ultra.

I also saw how the hotel where I was staying – Ocean International – has an Ultra device fitted alongside its massage meter boards. There are many businesses putting Ultra to the test and many more who will be willing to save themselves  considerable amount on their electricity bill.

Phillip Surch is in the process of setting up a national distribution network for the device. He knows what he’s doing and his enthusiasm is matched by his attention to detail and marketing knowhow.

More information is available on eNerwise and Keseco on their respective websites, but be warned – you’ll be hearing more of this unique Ultra device as eNerwise makes sure it gets about the country into businesses and homes to save electricity and money.

Just think what this can do, if at the same time, householders and businesses also introduce energy efficiency measures – power management of computers and all electrical devices.

There is no reason why Green Loans could not be applied to the cost of installing an Ultra device in every home and business in Australia. This is something that local, state and federal Government agencies should seriously consider supporting.

I left Mackay the next day, impressed by the hospitality and enthusiasm of Phillip Surch and this team at eNerwise. And equally impressed by the ingenuity and enterprise of Mr Kim and his Keseco team.

Source: www.enerwise.com.au and www.keseco.com

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    Very good article! I would like seek your approval to publish this article in my site under the Sustainability Tips section:

  2. You’re welcome to re-use, re-issue or otherwise share articles you see on our site and/or newsletter. As we are always careful to acknowledge sources, it would be appreciated if you would do the same. Editor

  3. Very Interesting article. What is most interesting is that the media (apart from 7 news Mackay) has shown so little interest in such a great new technology for reducing carbon and business costs. I found this site by accident because I was actively looking for energy saving devices and ideas.
    The government wants to reduce our carbon footprint by 20%. Here is one product that could reduce the effects of black and brown coal by up to 20% on it’s own. I wish this company all the best and will be in contact with them.

    Again thanks for bringing this to our attention


  4. I too was very interested in this device as I am a big fan of solar power and thought this would compliment my solar system I have installed. When I found out the price, this warrented further research before blindly handing over money based on a promise. Unfortunetly there is no independant scientific research published on the Keseco ULTRA system that backs up any of these claims. In fact there are numerous reports that this is simply another “magical” system that no-one really knows how it works, yet purports to save massive energy costs. Tim Johnston knew this with Firepower’s “fuel saving pill” and made a lot of oney before it was shut down.

    Perhaps there is a reason why only one journalist turned up. The old adage applies “If its sounds to good to be true it probably is”.

  5. http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies.cfm?t=1899732

    …seems as though this “energy saving’ device is not al that its cracked up to be…..

  6. I would like to know your credentials, particularly when you are so quick to question others. There is no need to be rude and I will refuse to publish comments from people who resort to personal attacks. If you have something sensible to say and genuinely question a product mentioned in our publication, it will be published. We have published hundreds of articles on different inventions and products over the years, and yours is the first time one of our reports has been questioned or criticised.

  7. Having seen over 10 test results in various industrial areas (large scale industrial companies) with various load types. Regardless of load type (inductive, resistive, variable or constant) the product have shown a zero or small negative saving. Two companies were seriously involved in launching the product in Western Europe – both failed. A registered patent does not guarantee that the product works and the patent specification itself is very poor.

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