Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink

That was a line from The Rime of the Ancient Mariner but for World Water Day (22 March) it could be changed to “Water, Water Everywhere but for some there’s not a drop to drink.” Or more correctly for some there’s too much of a good thing. Devastating floods for some and for others there’s drought and lack of the basic water needs. We focus on water this issue, as well as draw attention to Earth Hour, which really does call attention to saving energy and reducing our impact on the environment. Symbolically maybe, but all are urged to go beyond Earth Hour. We also learn about how clean tech is becoming big business in Australia and 2013 is seen as the pivotal year for sustainability to take hold.  We hear the latest as US moves to wean itself off big oil by turning to electrical vehicles and biofuels. Trash is a problem and there’s a host of technological and behavioral means to reduce our waste or turn it into energy or other useful things. The Eco Products International show in Singapore was a showcase for this and more. Energy Efficiency is on the move and making “plastic” bags from cassava starch is in the news. Wave, solar and wind get a boost, while we profile a perennial activist who never gives up. We have our personal mission to recount as well.  It’s all connected! – Ken Hickson

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