Who’s Hot and Who’s Cool

Big news this week is the release of the 2010 ABC Carbon 50 list of notable and influential people in Australia for the environment and climate change action and awareness. Our initial list last year was well received and a valued addition to the accolades already received by some finalists as well as important recognition for those previously ignored by award givers. So go to our lucky last article to see who’s in for 2010. World Environment Day award winners also get a look in and we profile the already high profile of the UN climate chief as he is about to move on. There’s ample information and news globally and locally on tap this week, including the need for a stronger energy efficiency focus in China and Australia, as well as what’s happening with fish stocks and marine resource management, particuarly in the Pacific. An election is looming in Australia, so WWF and Green Capital are wanting to ensure green voices and issues are raised appropriately. E-waste is a getting the recognition and processing it needs in New York and beyond, while Queensland is innovatively budgeting to collect from the waste-makers to fund expanding our national parks. More on the rapid advance for electric vehicles around the world and news of Government funding to plug New South Wales into the renewable energy grid. Also money is on the way to make sure space research gets in on the clean energy investment process. We also review a thought-provoking think-piece on the Anthropocene debate. Or should it be the dawning of the Age of Carbon?  Food for thought.

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