Winning Medals for Life on Earth

An Olympic effort is needed to deal with climate change. If the same amount of time and money spent on the London event – however sustainable it is – could be concentrated on genuine plans to switch our reliance from fossil fuels and pave the way for a clean energy future, the world would cheer. If you add the cost that each country has paid to get its sports facilities right, its athletes fighting fit and medal worthy, there’s quite a few more million, maybe billion. With a global campaign of Olympic proportion to change attitudes, to switch allegiances, to become sustainable – at home, in business and industry, everywhere – we could make genuine progress. Climate Change is not something to fear for the future – it is here and now. And the world must act now with determination, with commitment, with money and with energy – clean as it can be – to change what we can. There are no two ways about it – greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced.  Every company and every country knows what to do. Let’s get some medals organised for countries and companies that get their act together, set targets and commit resources to hit those targets. If the world can do it for sport, why not do it for life itself?  We have plenty of good examples this issue – and a few warning signs of how not to do it. Every day we hear of extreme weather records being broken. Let’s get on track and let’s break some records ourselves for the sake of the planet and life on earth.- Ken Hickson

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