Renewable Energy News

  • Armstrong Asset Management has agreed to commit up to US$22.5 million to develop and operate a portfolio of 50MW mini-hydro plants in Indonesia.

  • The Blue Circle, the Singapore-based renewable energy developer operating in the Mekong region (Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia), is entering into a partnership with Annex Power, a leading renewable energy group in South East Asia, which is expected to lead to approximately US$200 million worth of wind project investments in Thailand. 

  • Dr Thomas Reindl, of the Solar Energy Research Institute of
    Singapore, said as Singapore achieved grid parity in 2012 – where the cost of installing and maintaining solar PV panels is on a par with using conventional electricity – solar leasing has established itself as a viable business model in the country.

  • Today, the world’s 14 billion online electronic devices – such as set-top boxes, modems, printers and game consoles – waste around US$80 billion each year because of inefficient technology.

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Sustainable Cities Go Beyond Green to Blue

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