Renewable Energy News

  • “If a picture is worth a thousand words….….we want to put you fully in the picture where making the most of the energy
    from the sun is concerned.” That’s the message from Andrew Affleck in the latest issue of EnergEyes
  • Where in the world is the first hybrid solar-wind renewable energy tower?
  • Which electric car could kill off the power companies? 
  • Is politics the biggest stumbling block to clean energy?
  • Zero-carbon electricity is within reach, says Jeffrey Sachs

Read More in the latest issue of EnergEyes produced for Armstrong Asset Management by Ken Hickson.

Read the latest (August ) issue of EnergEyes

Sustainable Cities Go Beyond Green to Blue

For the full article go to:sustainable-cities-go-beyond-green-to-blue/


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 Sustain Ability Showcase Asia – or SASA as everyone now knows us – turns four years old on 8 September 2014.

Ken Hickson, in association with SASA, has taken over the management of Racepoint/Professional Public Relations Singapore – now with a new name and focus. H2PC Asia  will provide a full range of PR and communication services for existing and new clients.
If you and your business needs representation and/or promotion by committed and very experienced professionals, you should talk to Ken Hickson.  
Sustain Ability Showcase Asia is in full operational mode in Singapore to promote clean technology and clean energy in the booming Asia marketplace.  See the latest issue of abc carbon express for news of business developments.  
For the full content go to the latest express in the right hand column. Find out what people and organisations are saying and doing. What are the events you should know about and attend.
ABC Carbon is a climate change publishing business. In the past few years it has helped organisations gain Carbon Credibility and Corporate Sustainability, now the focus is on publishing – print and online. The main function being the monthly newsletter abc carbon express. And promoting the book “The ABC of Carbon”.
SASA now takes on the role to help organisations of all sizes to undertake:
  • Research & Development
  • Products & Processes
  • Services & Solutions
  • Strategic Communications
Please click on the ‘Services’ tab for more details.
Please note: The email address for Ken Hickson is : kenhickson@sustain-ability-showcase.com