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All about Energy, plus articles by our “scientist in residence”. Lots to read, lots to see and lots to attend.


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  • World Going to Waste? with stories of horror and hope from around the world.
  • Houston storms and floods: lessons for everyone at home and abroad.
  • What companies are up to with managing food waste, investing in clean energy and preventing floods.
  • Focus on Interface: is this the most sustainable business in the world?
  • Events: International Green Building, SID Sustainability Imperative, Singapore International Energy Week, National Energy Efficiency Conference
  • Last Words: links to articles and papers by Ken Hickson
  • Much more!

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Celebrating Ten years of ABC CarbonFocus on the Tropics – State of the Tropics Report 2017

News Highlights from Hamburg, Geneva, Sydney, San Francisco and Singapore

News of International Sustainability Education Initiatives

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Read all about it. Design for Liveability and Sustainability

News and views from the world of climate change

Information and innovations from the world of clean energy and energy efficiency.

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Renewable Energy News

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Sustainable Cities Go Beyond Green to Blue

For the full article go to:sustainable-cities-go-beyond-green-to-blue/


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