* Editorial: Earthlings to Colonise “Proxima b”?
* Global New Energy News: Could UK follow Germany’s example and move away from fossil fuels and nuclear to a clean energy future?
* On the frontline of Clean Energy: Could this 100 MW solar farm become Australia’s biggest by output?
* Asia on Green Growth Business Track: Startups collaborate with “old school” to make a difference.
* Will adaptation become more important than mitigation? Dr Michael Smith”s Productivity Enhancing Climate Change Mitigation Strategy.
* Resilience & Liveability top of mind at World Cities Summit: Parag Khanna views the role of Megacities are playing now and in the future
* Asia Launch to boost Investing in a changing climate: Report release,”Investing for the climate of Asia”
* Net Zero aim for building sector, Sustainable Built environment, Green Building in Asia Pacific & Green Space Awards
* Music to our ears! Scotch boosts Mushroom, Greenhouses get cooler, Opera House saves energy & Australians compete on cleantech
* Sustainability of Olympic Proportions: Rio, Tokyo, London & Gold Coast
* Asia Sustainability reporting Awards – the search is on
* Singapore to build a sustainability Academy
* Last words: Connectography Coined, Coral Castles, Circle Cruising & Climate Contagion
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Renewable Energy News

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Sustainable Cities Go Beyond Green to Blue

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