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At the very time when we admit we’re late – with this issue, which should have reached you two weeks ago – we have a timely message. We might well be too late! The world, that is. Nations. Cities. Businesses. To stem the tide. To make any real difference to what climate change is already bringing us. To become sustainable in all ways. Because in our book sustainability and climate change cannot be separated. To deal with one you must adopt the other. We cannot say we were not warned. The smart scientists and climate experts predicted this. Even way back in 1895 – yes 119 years ago – the Nobel prize winning Swedish chemist Svante Arrhenius said what would happen if we put so much CO2 into the atmosphere. The greenhouse effect. Is there time to fix it? Probably not. The world might have to just do a lot more to adapt to the inevitable. Learn from our mistakes. As Martin Luther King said many years ago “Over the bleached bones and jumbled residue of numerous civilisations are written the pathetic words: ‘Too late…’

On a lighter note – we celebrate our 6th anniversary this month. This newsletter started in March 2008. In those six years we have produced 205 issues – averaging 34 issues a year and 2.84 newsletters every month! We will not attempt to add up the number of articles in that time but you can still access most of them on www.abccarbon.com!  We would like to hear from those readers who have been with us from the beginning. Cheers

Ken Hickson

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This article is based on the presentation by Ken Hickson at the Asian Productivity Organisation International Conference in Taipei, Taiwan on Friday 14 March 2014.

Sustainable Cities Go Beyond Green to Blue

We usually associate the colour with “singing the blues” or “being blue” – meaning downcast or sad – but the colour also reflects positives like “true blue” and “blue skies”. And when some city skies are far from blue due to nasty air pollution, maybe blue is the new aspirational colour and  appropriately so.
Blue, as it turns out, is the colour of choice to show that transformation is what’s required if we are to make our countries and cities more resilient and sustainable to meet the challenges being forced upon us by an unrelenting changing climate.
In my presentation entitled “Sustainable Cities Go Beyond Green to Blue”, I introduced the vision of Gunter Pauli for the Blue Economy and applied that to cities.

For the full article go to:sustainable-cities-go-beyond-green-to-blue/


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