Communication Services Provided by ABC Carbon, H2PC Asia  and Sustain Ability Showcase Asia – SASA –  to help your organisation gain Carbon Credibility and Corporate Sustainability: 

The ABC of Carbon

All about carbon and its uses, as well as climate change & its consequences, is this book being written and produced by Ken Hickson to educate, inform and lead to action at all levels.

Services & Solutions

ABC carbon  provides services to help you deal with existing or new business. We help you explore opportunities and come up with solutions to help save your industry and save the world.

Corporate Sustainability

How can your business better manage its triple bottom line – economic, social & environmental? Corporate social responsibility needs to be planted firmly in place and can help industry face up to climate change.

Strategic Communications

Besides doing the right thing about climate change & carbon,  all organisations must communicate strategically and effectively to get  messages through to all audiences, stakeholders internally and externally.

Research & Development

Scientific research world-wide is underway to get to grips with climate change and its consequences. We can help you focus on appropriate research and applications for development.

Products & Processes

What products do you have that are carbon related or what could you be producing or processing to offset emissions or contribute positively to the environment?

abc carbon express

This weekly e-newsletter is read hundreds of people in high places and on the shop floor. It is global and it is local. As its editor Ken Hickson sorts through hundreds of sources to bring you a selection of news and information that is relevant to anyone concerned about climate change awareness and action. It covers developments in renewable energy and energy efficiency. It looks at the politics, the environment and the business of climate change.
There are limited opportunities for advertising or sponsorship of the newsletter. Talk to Ken Hickson.