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Asia on Green Growth for Business Track

Posted by Ken on July 10, 2016
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Asia on Green Growth for Business Track

Green Growth and Business Forum – an initiative of the United Kingdom Government and National Climate Change Secretariat Singapore (NCCS) – highlights the economic opportunities and benefits of accelerating a low carbon, clean energy future. Phillipe Joubert (left) Chair, Prince of Wales Corporate Leaders Group is among the host of prominent speakers from Europe and Asia. Dr Amy Khor (right), Singapore’s Senior Minister of State, Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources will open the two-day forum on 12 July.

Ken Hickson and Adam Lyle will share the chairing role for the two day event at Marina Bay Sands, 12/13 July.


Green Growth & Business Forum to open in Singapore

The British High Commission is pleased to announce that the second Green Growth & Business Forum will be held on 12 – 13 July 2016, in conjunction with the CleanEnviro Summit, World Cities Summit and Singapore International Water week. The first Green Growth & Business Forum was held in 2014.

The Forum is an initiative of the UK Government and Singapore Government agencies to highlight the opportunities and benefits of green growth in Singapore and South East Asia. The theme of this year’s forum is ‘Accelerating Low Carbon Growth Opportunities in Singapore and South East Asia’.

The forum will feature business leaders, policymakers and researchers from a spectrum of disciplines who will present and discuss a wide range of issues including their green growth experience; the opportunities presented by climate change for businesses and enhancing energy efficiency as a business strategy for industries.

The Green Growth & Business Forum will be opened by Dr Amy Khor, Singapore’s Senior Minister of State, Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources and His Excellency Scott Wightman, the British High Commissioner to Singapore.

Here’s a report from The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group (CLG), headed by Philippe Joubert, from 17 February this year:

Today, heads of some of Europe’s largest businesses called for decisive reform to the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS), as a vital first step to demonstrate commitment to delivering the ambition enshrined in the Paris Agreement. The European Parliament’s Environment Committee holds a public hearing on 18 February to analyse the proposed reforms to the EU ETS. Today’s event marks the start of the European Parliament’s public discussions on the dossier.

The EU ETS is envisaged as the cornerstone of EU policy on climate change.  It covers 45 per cent of EU CO2 emissions, including power and heavy industry.  However, the scheme has faced criticism including serious concerns regarding the oversupply of allowances, leading to a low carbon price and whether it is consequently proving to be effective. This year the EU ETS is being reviewed with a view to setting clear arrangements for the next phase (Phase IV).

Business leaders from The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group (CLG) have consistently called on the European institutions to reform the EU ETS so that the system delivers a stronger signal that can effectively underpin their decarbonisation efforts and provide finance to support the development of new technologies. They believe that the Commission’s reform proposal will not adequately strengthen the EU ETS to serve as the key tool to deliver Europe’s existing and future GHG emissions targets or the low carbon economy needed.

Jill Duggan, Senior Associate at the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, who was one of the key officials who worked on the design of the ETS at its original inception, said, ‘’A recent study of ten years of the European Emissions Trading System has shown it can and does work to help businesses become more efficient and more competitive.  It’s not perfect, but now is the time to strengthen the system and make it truly world-leading, not weaken it with exceptions and low expectations.’’

The Parliament’s response to the Commission’s EU ETS proposal will give MEPs an opportunity to help deliver on the promise of the historic COP 21 Paris Agreement by aligning the Emissions Trading System with the level of ambition agreed in Paris.

Philippe Joubert, Chair of The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group said: “The Paris Agreement was finalised by all nations right here in Europe. Now Europe’s policy makers have the chance to follow through on their commitments by decisively reforming the EU ETS so that it truly plays its role in driving behaviour change, cutting carbon and transforming the EU economy for the future.’’

The purpose of reform should be to learn lessons from the last ten years and ensure that the cap on Europe’s emissions is consistent with the science and with Europe’s own Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC). The CLG business leaders are not convinced the reform proposal coming before the European Parliament goes far enough to deliver an effective ETS, and call for the following immediate key changes:

Reduce the carbon cap faster. The European Commission’s proposed 2.2% annual reduction is too slow for Europe’s existing climate commitments – and even further behind the Paris Agreement’s goal of a temperature rise well below 2℃.

All allowances auctioned or allocated during Phase IV should come from within the Phase IV cap.

Base allocations for carbon leakage on real world circumstances. More countries and regions have taken on a carbon price in the last few years, and after the Paris Agreement it is likely more will follow. Allocations for carbon leakage sectors should take into account increasing carbon policies faced by major competitors internationally.

Adopt a 5-year phase length in line with the review periods of the Paris Agreement, and reflecting the experience of EU ETS to date which has shown that improvements to the workings of the ETS may be needed over time.

The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group and its business leaders are already investing in a low carbon economy but now they expect Europe’s policy makers to deliver a robust carbon price so as to underpin their current and future investments and truly create a competitive European market for clean energy. A more ambitious, transparent and robust EU ETS will give business the certainty it needs to invest in decarbonisation and prevent European businesses from becoming uncompetitive due to the increasing number of country and regional markets that are putting an accurate price on carbon and have far more efficient emissions trading schemes in place.



Programme for Green Growth and Business Forum, Singapore


Day 1 (12 July 2016, Tuesday)

Morning Chair: Mr Ken Hickson, Chairman, Sustain Ability Showcase Asia (SASA)

Afternoon Chair: Mr Adam Lyle, Executive Chairman, Padang & Co


0900 – 0930

Ministerial Keynote

Ministerial Representatives

• Dr Amy Khor, Senior Minister of State, Health and Environment & Water Resources

• H.E. Scott Wightman, British High Commissioner to Singapore

0930 – 0945

Keynote Address

Green Growth Experiences from Copenhagen – A ‘Green Economy Leader’

Mr Morten Kabell

0945 – 1000


From Risk to Opportunity

The risk, hazards, and opportunities presented by climate change to businesses and the community

Mr Michel Jarraud

1000 – 1100

Panel Session

Enhancing Energy Efficiency in Industry

Energy efficiency as a key business strategy through the assessment of successful case studies and best practices

Moderator: Mr Myles McCarthy

Speakers: Mr Mark Gainsborough, Mr Pierre Megret, Mr Nguyen Dang Anh Thi, Mr Mathias Steck

1100 – 1130       Tea Break

1130 – 1145


Facilitating a Transition to a Circular Economy

Mr Mervyn Jones

1145 – 1245

Panel Session

Implementing Smart and Sustainable Solutions

Integrating urban systems: cross-cutting opportunities for businesses in the built environment, and water & waste

Moderator: Mr Mark Enzer

Speakers: Mr Justin Abbott, Mr Francisco Arellano, Ms Amanda Clack

1245 – 1345       Lunch

1345 – 1400


Solar energy as a key pillar of the German “Energiewende”

Experiences and best practice examples of renewable energy deployment

Mr Gerhard Stryi-Hipp

1400 – 1500

Panel Session

Developing and Scaling-up Low Carbon Solutions

From the lab to the marketplace: exploring some of the challenges around investment, regulation and market readiness

Moderator: Mr Ken Hickson

Speakers: Ms Jo Coleman, Mr Ho Hiang Kwee, Mr Edwin Khew, Mr Nicolas Marechal-Abram

1500 – 1530       Tea Break

1530 – 1545


Green Growth in Japan: Sustainable Development and Low-Carbon Innovation in Fukuoka City

Mr Soichiro Takashima

1545 – 1645

Panel Session

Accelerating the Implementation of Green Growth Policies in the Region

Expanding the green sectors and transitioning away from the traditional economy through green growth policies

Moderator: Mr Constant Van Aerschot

Speakers: Dr Chen Chen Lee, Dr Channa Gunawardena, Mr Sadashiv K, Ms Kathryn Warren

1645 – 1715       Closing Remarks

Day 2 (13 July 2016, Wednesday)

Morning Chair: Mr Adam Lyle, Executive Chairman, Padang & Co

Afternoon Chair: Mr Ken Hickson, Chairman, Sustain Ability Showcase Asia (SASA)

0900 – 1000

Opening CEO Roundtable

CEO/Business Leader’s High-level Roundtable: Making Green Growth a Key Business Strategy

Moderator: Mr Teymoor Nabili

Speakers: Mr Philippe Joubert, Mr Grant Kelley, Mr Pier Luigi Sigismondi

1000 – 1100

Panel Session

Harnessing Renewable Energy

Making the business case for greater adoption and promoting technological advancements

Moderator: Mr Christophe Inglin

Speakers: Dr Matthew Peloso, Ms Jan Reid, Mr Philip Wong

1100 – 1130       Tea Break

1130 – 1145


Integrated Environmental Solutions

Creating sustainable cities through the reduction of energy consumption and carbon emissions

Ms Michelle Farrell

1145 – 1245

Panel Session

Transitioning to Low Carbon Transport

Increasing efficiency of transport systems through innovative technology, integrated land-use planning, changing behaviour

Moderator: Ms Lynette Cheah

Speakers: Mr Gregory Blokkeel, Mr Stephan Schablinski, Mr JM Sillanpaa, Mr Gordon Waddington

1245 – 1345       Networking Lunch

1345 – 1400


Climate Models and Data as Essential to Driving Development Solutions in the ASEAN Region

Case study of insurance products designed on climate science

Mr Francis Colledge

1400 – 1500

Panel Session

Advocating for Green Finance

The compelling case for new and innovative financing models: exploring the investment opportunities

Moderator: Mr Teymoor Nabili

Speakers: Mr Yanis Boudjouher, Mr Edgare Kerkwijk, Mr Wong Ken Wei

1500 – 1530       Tea Break

1530 – 1630

Panel Session

Spurring Green Entrepreneurship

Examining the landscape, challenges and opportunities to promote green entrepreneurship and jobs

Moderator: Dr Anthony Watanabe

Speakers: Dr Michael Abundo, Mr Ted Chen, Mr VS Hariharan, Mr John O’Brien

1630 – 1730       Closing Remarks