Head You Win in the Carbon Stakes

Acronyms abound in the carbon and sustainability business and we add a few more for relevance and interest this time. How about the DNA connection which suggests a CSI approach to saving the forests? Or a closer look at CSR and its sustainability connectivity and convenience? E-waste takes centre stage in Europe and Singapore is making an encouraging start to deal with the problem. Fuji Xerox comes up with a new paper standard. Islands in the Pacific realise that solar will help them clean up their act and save their homes, while France has rediscovered its solar history – and it’s good for tourism. Australia realises it is suffering from fossil fuel sickness – and it’s a costly business. It is also one of the most vulnerable countries on earth in the carbon stakes. California is expanding its green credentials by embarking on a cap and trade scheme, while the US is looking for toilets of the future and a greener way to leave this world. We profile star architect Ridwan Kamil and get wise last words from cardiologist Geoffrey Chia. And reminders about the Asian events not to be missed – Eco Flores, Clean Energy Expo and the National Energy Efficiency Conference.  No end in sight! – Ken Hickson

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