Let’s Get Serious For a Change

Maybe it’s because I have been indulging in Serious Games – or more correctly helping promote games for good – as “gaming” goes beyond gambling and time-wasting pursuits. Maybe it is because the US Presidential election is happening right now and there are very serious issues – and opportunities – at stake. Maybe it is because of Sandy – the storm that literally took America by storm and might even have helped change attitudes to climate change’s impact on us all. Maybe it is just because sometimes we make light of things and it is time to take matters seriously. By the time you read this the US could have a new President or it could return Obama. If the latter – and it is one we openly hope for – maybe it will embolden the man to stand up for what we know he believes in and do more to move America – and the rest of the world – to a low carbon future that we can live with. We have it all in this issue. More important issues. More people who matter. And more thought provoking articles and ideas. Maybe we are on the right track. Seriously! – Ken Hickson

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