Look out for Leaders

Often the call goes out – from us and many others – for our political leaders to do what they’ve been elected to.  Save the economy and save the environment. Invest in the future. Protect the planet. We lament the fact that fine words don’t often translate into real action and we have seen this when national and global climate change talks flounder. We also expect our businesses to provide some leadership beyond making money. Invest in the community and show responsibility to more than a select band of shareholders.  So we are doing our part to recognise those we feel are providing the right sort of leadership in a world that is crying out for it. Sustainability is more than a word. For us it is intentionally two words – sustain ability. It is a commitment to manage our resources – energy, water, land, people – and manage the economies we depend on, without harming the environment. So we have identified a mere 100 people – some very well known  and some hardly known outside their own circle. But they are all – in our opinion – making a difference in at least one organisation, in their community and country. Ultimately we all benefit. So look out for leaders! – Ken Hickson

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