Odd Couple: Terror & Climate Change

It might be difficult to imagine that there is any connection with the sudden demise of Osama bin Laden and climate change. Well, we’ve found it and have it for you. Even more unlikely, surely, would be a link between Royal weddings and climate change. You have to believe it. We have secured that one too. Then you would also expect us to find that the raging tornadoes which have ravaged the US also feature in the extreme weather scenarios of climate scientists. So this issue we also have a report on the sad state of affairs for farming, food security issues in Asia and elsewhere, as well as the dreaded link between “safe” ozone gases and “dangerous” greenhouse gas emissions. The UK coalition Government has a few things on its mind which are obviously distracting it from its climate commitments, while the elections in Singapore gave a boost to the Workers Party which had a comprehensive clean and green policy platform. There’s hopeful signs that renewable energy investments are heading up, WWF also weighs up what’s going into clean tech and ethical investments are on the rise. The Rainforest Alliance is giving bananas a boost, while the Shangri-la hotel group produces its first Sustainability Report. Seems there’s no stopping one high profile sceptic from spreading his words, reports Graham Readfearn, while one of the East Anglia team comes clean in this issue’s profile. The good, the bad and the ugly! – Ken Hickson

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