Profile: John Brumby

Profile: John Brumby

Victoria leads Australia in the carbon/climate change stakes and it is fitting that John Brumby, the State premier should reinforce his commitment to 20% reduction in emissions by 2020 (compared to 2000 levels), when the Federal Government is going after a pathetic 5% reduction. Victoria is also   driving solar energy, energy efficiency measures and planning for the impacts of climate change. It amounts to $10 billion in new investment.  He welcomes all comers – even from Federal Government and other states – to the Carbon Expo which starts in Melbourne on Monday 11 October.

 Message from Victoria Premier to the Carbon Expo:

I welcome you to Melbourne, Victoria, for the Carbon Expo Australasia 2010, which is Australasia’s premier Trade Fair and Carbon Conference. This Expo assists industry to better manage its emissions and allow businesses to exhibit their low-carbon products and services.

Climate change is the greatest challenge of our generation and there has never been a stronger case for action – we know that climate change poses big risks for our economy, our environment and our way of life. Taking action now to cut emissions will not only help our environment but will also create new economic opportunities through the development of new industries, technologies, markets and jobs.

Taking Action for Victoria’s Future, Victoria’s Climate Change White Paper – The Action Plan, strengthens Victoria’s leadership in responding to climate change and creates a climate of new economic opportunity for our State. The Action Plan sets a solid target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 20 per cent by 2020 (compared to 2000 levels), as well as driving solar energy, energy efficiency measures and planning for the impacts of climate change. These actions not only position Victoria as the leading Australian State in tackling climate change – they will also drive around $10 billion of new investment in the State.

As part of our commitment to act on climate change, the Victorian Government is supporting the growth of Victoria’s carbon market services industry and establishing Victoria as a leading regional centre for carbon market services. Victoria has conducted a feasibility study into a Carbon Market Institute, will continue to publish the Melbourne Carbon Market Services Guide, will establish an export cluster to participate in Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects, and is developing international trade and investment linkages to assist companies to engage in global carbon markets. In addition, we are establishing the Victorian Carbon Exchange to drive the creation and purchase of Victorian offsets.

I consider Victoria to be well placed to become a leading carbon market services centre in the Asia-Pacific region. We have a concentration of over 100 carbon market businesses and have made significant investment in the clean technology sector. Victoria also has well established business relationships with developing countries eligible to host CDM projects, supported by the Victorian Government’s international business offices.

The Victorian Government is proud to sponsor the Carbon Expo Australasia 2010 which, with your contribution, will lead to the discovery of new carbon business opportunities, and products and services, that will help our region successfully transition to a new low carbon economy.

The Hon John Brumby


As momentum builds again for serious national emissions reform, don’t miss the biggest Australian carbon business networking event of 2010 - Carbon Expo Australasia 2010 – starting NEXT MONDAY.  There will be carbon wargames, an Oxford-style debate and doubtless worms.  Direct from the newly established ‘Climate Change Committee’ Australian Climate Change Minister Greg Combet and Professor Ross Garnaut will headline an outstanding conference program that also includes THE global and domestic carbon business leaders.  The Trade Fair features the leading Australian and Asian businesses involved in the business of emissions reductions.  Clean development projects from a dozen Asia-Pacific countries will be featured in the Trade Fair - with project managers looking to do CDM deals. 

Delegates can register here with our online registration form

A NEW version of Expo’s Program can be downloaded here or from Expo’s website at

Expo delegates will hear and interact with international and domestic carbon business leaders to;

  • gain the latest insights regarding international climate policy – what will happen at Cancun ?
  • understand the likely future of carbon markets – internationally & domestically
  • understand the opportunities for Australian business in the Asian Green Revolution
  • get a handle on the issues around raising finance for low carbon projects
  • get a sense of the scope and likely emphasis for Australia’s role in climate change action
  • learn of the likely role of energy efficiency & renewables
  • get the latest on the best approaches to carbon reporting & accounting
  • hear of the opportunities in forests & reduced deforestation
  • get the fair dinkum story on soil carbon opportunities
  • hear the opportunities and how big a role transport & biofuels can play in reducing emissions
  • learn of the latest science and how it is to be communicated

Should you wish to further clarify any aspects of delegate and/or exhibitor registration, please contact Merrin McAuley at the Expo Secretariat at or on 07 5528 2501


Michael Whitehead
Carbon Expo Australasia 2010

Moderator – Tony Jones

Keynote – Dr Graeme Pearman, Fellow, Academy of Science; former Chief of Atmospheric Research, CSIRO

• An outline of the latest international climate data and what it means for countries, communities, policy-makers and business sectors

• What does this suggest GHG reduction targets should be?

• Arming society with foresight – why climate scientists must improve the way they communicate their knowledge and what it means

09.30 to 10.30




Welcome and introduction

Moderator – Tony Jones

Robert Purves, Chairman, Environment Business Australia

The Hon Gavin Jennings MLC, Minister for the Environment, Climate Change and Innovation, Victoria

Opening address – The Hon Greg Combet AM MP, Australian Minister for Climate Change and Energy Effi ciency

Vote of thanks to Minister Combet – Paul Verschuer, Managing Director, Foreign Exchange & Commodities, Carbon, Energy (FX & CCE),

Westpac Institutional Bank

10.30 to 11.00 Morning tea/coffee – in trade fair area

Trade fair walkabout, accompanied by key sponsors, discussion with exhibitors

11.00 to 12.15




and Panel


International policy progress

Moderator – Tony Jones

An overview of the latest developments and trends in international policy responses to GHG abatement and mitigation. What are the

challenges and opportunities for setting emissions reduction objectives, emerging carbon markets and investment in the low-carbon

economy? This session will consider:

• emerging national and international policy action in the USA, Europe, Asia, Australia & New Zealand

• prospects for meaningful international policy action post-2012

• which way to go? Bilateral, multi-lateral or global?

• why delay national action in Australia? Action is being spearheaded elsewhere and opportunities will be lost

• how to strengthen Australia’s contribution to the Mexico COP?

Keynote address – Peter Young, Chairman, Aldersgate Group (Green Investment Bank), London


Dr Hu Tao, Senior Environmental Economist, Policy Research Centre, Ministry of Environmental Protection, People’s Republic of China;

Member, China Carbon Forum Advisory Board

Martijn Wilder, Partner and Head of Global Environmental Markets and Emissions Trading Practice, Baker & McKenzie

Stuart Calman, Director, Climate & Risk, Ministry for the Environment, New Zealand

Joanne Evans, Assistant Secretary, Finance, Markets and Forests Branch, International Division, Australian Department of Climate Change

& Energy Effi ciency

Robert Hill, Chairman, Australian Carbon Trust; Former Australian Environment Minister; Former Australian Ambassador to the UN

Wayne Sharpe, CEO and Founder, Carbon Trade Exchange


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