Putting People in Pride of Place

Far be it for us to promote a personality parade or celebrity cult – we are after all beyond Hollywood and You Tube – but we are indulging in a lot of people power, particularly putting honourable and capable people in the pride of place. Following the release last issue of our 100 Global Sustain Ability Leaders – which resulted in more “opens” and hits than we’ve seen in a long time – we have had a flurry of congratulations and thanks both from those we recognised and readers who appreciated that we had gone to some trouble to honours the leaders in the world of sustainability. And a mathematical lesson is obviously needed for sustainability editors and readers. There was someone “missing in action” as we only showed 99. So the 100th which accidentally slipped off the list is back on. It’s Sidonie Carpenter, a leader in the Green Roofs movement in Australia and Asia Pacific. This issue we feature a few of our select bunch of leaders in the news – Amory Lovins, Lee Eng Lock, Freddy Sharpe – as well as give acknowledgement to the UNFCCC leader Christiana Figueres, who we met when she visited Singapore this week. We also pay tribute to a leader in the Australian sustainability business movement – Fiona Wain – who sadly passed away after months of troubling illness.  – Ken Hickson

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